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The advantages of renting over home ownership

A few years ago I conducted some research for a book I was writing and was surprised to discover that the top two things we want from our money are freedom and options. The reason I was surprised is because I expected ‘owning my own home’ would top the list but it seems while that’s important (it was number three), above that sat the freedom to have options.

The reason I was taken aback by the findings, is because for many of us, while we might be giving lip service to wanting freedom and options, how we’re behaving with our money tells quite a different story.

Perhaps it’s because home ownership is such a deeply ingrained part of our culture. Perhaps it’s because many of us feel home ownership is a rite of passage and we haven’t truly grown up if we don’t own our own home. Or perhaps it’s because we believe home ownership fills the need to provide a safe and secure place for our family. Whatever the reason, I’m finding that our behaviour when it comes to bricks and mortar is in opposition to our strong desire for freedom and options.

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